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  • Your tasks takes a long time before being processed
  • Your Remote Desktop Session takes a long time to start

It means that the MQTT Broker were probably disconnected on your server.

To solve the problem, you need to restart the MQTT connection. You also should check your application settings on your server.

You can check this in the settings page of your server 


Check the IIS Configuration of your server

  • MQTTBrokerIsLocal     => Must be set to true
  • MQTTBrokerAuthority => Needs to match your server address with the port 1883

Restart the MQTT Broker on your server 

  1. Click on the button Restart Mqtt connection (wait for a minute and refresh the page) If the state still shows disconnected, try Step 2
  2. Restart your server. If after your server restart, the MQTT still doesn't connect correctly, then please contact the support team.