proVconnect Server installation

Check requirements before install proVconnect → Server requirements

Once you have the files downloaded, we can begin the installation process.

Windows directory

  1. To start the install, double click on WanPulse_proVconnect.Management.Server_2.28.5.217.exe and the first screen will open.


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License agreement

  1. Agree

Main configuration

Remember that you need your own certificate for the DNS you use ! 

  1. Give a name to the installation, you can keep the default name
  2. Set the DNS to use, you should enter your own dns where the proVconnect console will be accessible for administration and devices communication
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Database configuration

  1. Indicates the DNS or IP of the SQL Server, it may located on the local machine
  2. Give a name to the database, you can keep the default name
  3. Enter the credential for sa user, it will give to the setup a temporary access for creating the database and user for the proVconnect instance
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Instant Synchronization configuration

  1. Keep using embedded service
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Ready to install

  1. Verify configuration
  2. Install


During installation, some dialog box will be displayed to you.

  1. Yes to create incoming rules for Remote Control
  2. Yes to create incoming rules for Instant synchronization
  3. The third dialog may not appear if the security is already enforced on your server, click OK to close it.


Your own DNS will be displayed instead of

  1. You can click on the link for opening a browser on your proVconnect instance
  2. Finish

Open instance in browser 

  • Open your favorite browser and write your own dns in the url address bar
  • Remember to update the certificate to use your own → [How-to] Update certificates
  • Enjoy !

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