ProVConnect Server Update

General informations

Server update

  • Once a new ProVConnect server version is available, every customer will be notified by mail, and an server update will be planned according to the customer wish.
  • On Saas, the server update will be made by the ProVConnect team
  • On premises, an server update executable will be send to the customer. He will have to execute it on his hosting server, and he can always request the assistance on the ProVConnect support Team

Once the ProVConnect server is updated, it is strongly recommanded to update every client devices to the latest ProVConnect Agent version

Agent update

  • An agent update is like any tasks that you will do on the ProVConnect server. All you have to do is to send an Agent Update command to all your devices that needs to be updated
  • Once received by the device, the update will last around 2 minutes.
  • An agent weights around 7Mb, so this has to be taken in account before publishing the agent update task on thousands devices at once
  • Every time the ProVConnect server is updated, you will receive the newest device agent installer in your library. If not, please contact the ProVConnect support Team on

We recommand to use an Automatic Policy to update your ProVConnect device agent

An Device Agent Update will NEVER restart the client device. This is totally transparent for the current user of the device