How to filter incoming agents communication

There are some cases where customers might want to restrict networks access or older provconnect agent versions from communicating with the server. In order to do so, there are 3 parameters available inside the provconnect management server configuration.

I)  How to configure the agent filtering on IIS Manager

The agent filtering options are only available on the IIS management tool of your server or directly inside the web.config file of your provconnect server.

Parameters details

  • FilteredAgents :
    0 / None : No filtering, every agents are allowed
    1 / OnlyLegacy : only agents >= 2.17.6 allowed
    2 / OnlyHeritage : only agents < 2.17.6 allowed
    3 / All : Every agents are filtered
  • FilteredAgentsAllowedQuantity : How many agents are allowed to go through the filter at a time
  • AllowedNetworks : CIDR network list for network filtering
    NONE : Every networks are not allowed.
    no value (empty) : Every networks are allowed.
    List of comma separated CIDR network : allows every network inside the list to communicate with the server

Technical references