Solve the issues with the remote desktop session

The remote desktop session task fails

Check list

  • Only one version version of UltraVNC must be installed on the client device : Check the following paths :
    • c:\Program Files (x86)\uvnc bvba\UltraVNC\
    • c:\Program File\uvnc bvba\UltraVNC\
    • c:\Program Files (x86)\UltraVNC\
    • c:\Program Files\UltraVNC\
  • Check the following values on your server the web.config configuration (with IIS manager in the application settings menu of the provconnect manager)
    • VncUrl : must be the url of this server. The device agent must be able to use this URL to communicate
    • VncServerPort : this port must be open on the device client for outgoing connections
    • VncIsLocal : must set to true
    • Check this page for complete details related to the VNC server side configuration
  • Launch the following command on your device client to check if the connection on the VNC Server port is functional :
    • powershell.exe Test-NetConnection -port VncServerPort  -ComputerName VncUrl  -InformationLevel Detailed   (replace VncUrl and VncServerPort with the actual values for your configuration)
    • The result of thic command will indicate if the tcp connection is successful or no


Ideal configuration on client side

  • The ultraVNC Server is installed with the lastest version and with the correct OS architecture version (64 bit installer for 64 bit OS, 32bit installer for 32 bit OS).
  • The UltraVncServer port is the port 80, so the VNC connection can go through most professional firewalls.

The remote desktop session task Succeed,but nothing happens


Steps to follow

  • Refresh your current web page with ctrl+f5 

  • Check that your browser allows the opening of popups for your provconnect manager

  • right-click again on the device and try again to launch the VNC connection. It may show the connection menu.

  • Try one of the browser that are heavily tested for this feature (Chrome, Firefox, Edge and internet explorer)

The VNC popup opens, but when I click on Connect, I see an error or nothing happens

Steps to follow