The Dashboard allows you to have a bird's eye vue on your end points. This is your landing page and you can quickly view the important information

The dashboard includes the information below:

The number of devices online / offline (this information is updated every 30 sec if the MQTT is active or at the pulse frequency)

The global compliance (based on the rules you set in the compliance section)

The Enrollment state shows the number of devices enrolled or unenrolled, waiting for enrollment or unenrollment - note that you will be notified here when there is a device duplicate

The OS repartition shows all the different OS present in the infrastructure

The number of incidents opened (this is based on the rules you set in the monitoring section)

The incident history shows the incidents evolution over the course of the past week

The Automatic policies shows the number of policies active (this is based on the number of policies set in the automatic policies' section)

The security state show the global state of the security of the end points (this is the summary of the readings of the Microsoft security center)

The health status shows the global health of your end points - note that you will be notified here if one of the hard disk is predicted to fail