The notification menu is displaying all the actions that have been played on the proVConnect Server.

There is different types of notification, here is the list according to their specific icons :

 Generic icon that means every type of notification

 Open or close device incident.

 Published task. A task can have different notification state

  • published
  • finished
  • failed
  • unpersisted (successful task on a write filter protected device)
  • failed unpersisted (failed task on a write filter protected device)

 Enrollment. Notify for each device enrollment, unenrollment or discovery.

 Task Template creation, update or delete

 Monitoring Rule creation, update or delete

 Automatic Policy creation, update, delete or published

File uploaded to or removed from the library

Each notification has two icons that you can click on.

 Display the details of the notification

 Delete the notification

Delete All will delete all current norifications.